Condolence Greetings For TTT and M. Rajoli Family

In Name of Allah (SWT), most generous and most merciful

Assalamualaikum wrbh and 1 Malaysia Greeting

Alhamdulillah, this is my first blog entry in English. It was a long time wish that I could write entry in English in my blog. Therefore, if there any grammatical errors and language, please forgive me and show me this mistake, so that I can learn from my own mistake.

After a very long time not updating my blog (If update, its all about latest affair), now I feel free to write a little bit what goes around my minds.

When I see my blog's dashboard, I notice that most of my blogger friends are mourning. Who is the person that they mourning for. She is Nadia, better known as Toh Tuan Tanah. Most of her friends really miss her, but who knows, Allah loves her more. Yesterday also, one of the legend actor, M.Rajoli also passed away at Hospital Ampang. M. Rajoli is great actor that loves superbike like harley davidson and at the same time, he also good in religion.

Lets all together, Al-Fatihah for both of them. May them rest in peace and placed with all person who get mercy from Allah there, insyaAllah.

AL-FATIHAH : TTT and M.Rajoli. May Allah bless both of them, insyaAllah.